Hall Of Fame Inductee

Dot Peppin Smy

Inducted into: Player Division in 1987

Location: Toronto

Deceased: DEC

  • Player

A self taught, natural five pin bowler, Dot Peppin took the game by storm in the early fifties. Originally a softball player, Dot tried bowling at the old Beach Bowling alley and, rolling a strong natural back-up ball, was an excellent bowler from the start. Initially, she qualified for the Toronto east team and was asked to try out by Wynn Allen for the City Major League. In that elite group, Dot, starting at the young age of 24, would win five consecutive high average titles, a feat unparalleled to this day. In those days, the league awarded the Ken Ostrander trophy for high average and to recognize Dot’s achievement, the league awarded her the trophy to keep. During this period, Dot also represented Ontario and won a Canadian championship, bowling in Edmonton in 1957. Also, due to her tournament prowess and her strong showing in the Toronto major league, Dot was selected to the Double Diamond Advisory Staff. In that role, Dot teamed with Rusty Starr, touring the province at various new centre openings. Dot won her last high average crown in 1964 and shortly after that title, she left the competitive side of the game. Today, she lives in Scarborough with her husband of 20 years, Jim Smy, and while not bowling, still watches the game closely.