Hall Of Fame Inductee

Henry Pachulec

Inducted into: Builder Division in 2011

Location: Hamilton

Deceased: Aug 18, 2019

  • Builder

In 1967, at the age of twenty-two, Henry Pachulec became an executive member of the Hamilton 5 Pin Bowlers Association and, from that early start, rose to be a force in bowling locally, provincially and nationally.
The local bowlers association in Hamilton started in 1963 under the leadership of Hall of Famer Ken Edge and it was an immediate success. Henry contributed to this early growth and following his entry to bowling at Bowl-O-Drome Lanes on Parkdale Avenue North in Hamilton, Henry became house councilor at Bar Don Lanes and would ultimately become Chief Councilor for the association. He chaired the membership committee and the association peaked at 12,000 members in 1968. Following a year as vice-president, Henry assumed the presidency of the association from 1974 1977, coinciding somewhat with the time period that the Hamilton ladies won three consecutive Canadian championships. Henry attended these championships and, accompanied by his guitar, led many a sing-a-long, that was memorable at each event.
Following his presidency at the local level, Henrys talents caught the eye of the national technical team that were beginning, under the leadership of Hall of Famer Ernie Roggie, to roll-out a program for 5 pin bowling that would match the coaching theory courses under the banner of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). Henry, along with Ernie, Bill Boettger and Walter Heeney, wrote both the Level One and Level Two technical manuals and also trained facilitators across Canada to deliver the courses in each province. In Ontario, the program boomed and, during Henrys involvement, nearly 10,000 coaches were certified. This number was significant as it was higher than most sports and led to increased government funding both provincially and nationally. Henry also used his talents as a national coach and instructor to mentor the Youth Bowling Council and, in 1976, won the Ontario Pepsi Challenge with a boys team from Mountain Lanes in Hamilton.
Moreover, at the administrative level, Henry formalized the local association youth scholarship program that was established through a legacy left by the late Harold Buchner. As well, as late as 1992, Henry presided over the local decentralized association at Lucky Strike Bowlerama in Stoney Creek.
In addition to his leadership skills off the lanes, Henry enjoyed some on-lane success, including winning the secretaries division of the provincial presidents, secretaries, and treasurers tournament. Bowling 410 in the third and final game, Henry earned a trip to Florida for his victory and naturally, took his guitar with him. As well, he bowled in the tournament division of the Master Bowlers Association for two years and averaged 240.
Prior to his retirement from the work force, Henry was a purchasing agent for White Supply for twenty-eight years and, in 2009, retired from a fifteen year employment with Kennametal International as a customer service representative. In reality, Henry served his other customers, the bowlers of Hamilton, for more than twenty- five years as a volunteer in his chosen sport of 5 pin bowling.