Hall Of Fame Inductee

Jackie Hawkins

Inducted into: Builder Division in 2009

Location: Lindsay

Deceased: Feb 27, 2024

  • Builder

Jackie Hawkins used her administrative skills from a career at Crayola to guide the Ontario 5 Pin Bowlers Association through a period of growth that allowed the organization to evolve into the success it is today.

Born in Lindsay, Jackie moved to Toronto with her husband, Bill in 1966. However, after a series of administrative positions, Jackie and her husband moved back to Lindsay ten years later and in 1980, Jackie began her career at Crayola which continues to this day.

While starting as an assistant to the Marketing Manager and subsequently the President, Jackie also chose to attend Sir Sandford Fleming College and earned her designation as a Certified Human Resources Professional. Tragically, her husband Bill passed away in 1983 from complications from diabetes and Jackie began to raise two children, Jason and Melanie on her own. Jackies mom, Mildred suggested that she join the Ladies Industrial League in Lindsay for some added diversion to her life.

Jackie fell in love with bowling and began to work with the Youth Bowling Council, became a master bowler and began to meet the local organizers, namely Anna Marie Geary, Wilma Overjwick and Ross Wilson. Bowling was continually growing in the area as the umbrella 1000 Lakes Association had formed in 1976 and decentralized associations already existed in Carnarvon, Bancroft and Fenelon Falls. Ross wanted to start a similar association in Lindsay and, in 1983, Jackie was invited to the meeting and took the minutes. To this day, she continues as Vice President of the Lindsay Association.

As a local association board member, Jackie attended the annual bowlers convention that was conducted by the Ontario 5 Pin Bowlers Association (O5PBA) at Clevelands House and, by 1991, she was elected to the provincial Board of Directors. At this time, the O5PBA was in a state of transition as it struggled to define responsibilities between board and staff.

Jackie introduced the concept of Fiduciary Duty to the Board of Directors and outlined the responsibility of Board Members to, not only chair a program, but be aware of everything related to the program, from costs to its future direction. From her work in human resources, Jackie established hiring practices that included job advertising, formal panel interviews, job descriptions and also performance objectives and reviews. She encouraged professional development opportunities through workshops, seminars, and university courses for both staff and board members.

Jackie also worked with the Board of Directors and staff to reduce overhead costs. She was instrumental in the design and delivery of regional workshops and a funding program from the local level that helped the provincial office in the absence of government funding. She insisted on quarterly financial updates from the office to the field and ensured that they were both accurate and understandable.

At the board and volunteer level, she stressed the need for job descriptions for this segment of the organization that included both duties and responsibilities and tied their activity to the incentive award program, which is the envy of all amateur sports. As well, Jackie prepared and delivered training programs for association executives at the annual convention. Finally, in planning, Jackie followed the process of several industry professionals and designed, developed, and delivered planning sessions for both the O5PBA and the Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers Association.

In fulfilling her vision for the O5PBA over twelve years, Jackie held a variety of positions at the provincial level from Planning, to Human Resources, to Audit, Constitution and ultimately second Vice-President. However, she would say, the re-birth of the O5PBA was a team effort involving Jackie, Al Hong and Hall of Famers Jennifer Guay and the late Jack Hales.

While Jackies accomplishments are from a building perspective, she has enjoyed her time on the lanes as well. At the Open, Jackie qualified twice, once on the mixed team and a second time on the ladies team and has also coached seven times. She has been an instructor at the annual provincial bowling school since its inception in 1991.

Since beginning as a league president just twenty-five years ago, Jackie left the provincial board in 2004 to re-commit herself to her zone of Kawartha Lakes and the remaining decentralized association in Lindsay. As well, she is a Life Member of the Lindsay Association, the Kawartha Lakes zone and the provincial body, the O5PBA. In addition, she received an Ontario Achievement Award from the provincial government in 2003.

Sadly, a fire at her home in 2004 destroyed most of her personal memorabilia but, with three grandchildren, Drew, Sarah and Brandon, she can begin a new collection. As well, Jackie can do what she does best and thats to contribute to the development of people at all levels and from all walks of life.